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Participate in the Development of "Nate Schoemer's Online Training Course



Join us in the creation of "Nate Schoemer's Online Training Course," a revolutionary program led by renowned dog trainer Nate Schoemer. We are looking for dogs with various behavioral and obedience issues to be featured in this innovative training program. Your involvement will not only help in correcting your dog’s behaviors but also significantly impact dog owners worldwide.

What to Expect

This program equips you with skills to improve and maintain your dog's behavior. You and your dog will be central in demonstrating effective training techniques, benefiting learners globally.

Participant Requirements

-          Commitment: Attend two training sessions daily until goals are met.

-          Feeding and Training Integration: We'll align the dog's feeding schedule with training for better focus.

-          Sessions with Nate: Nate personally leads one session per weekday.

-          Videography: Each session will be professionally recorded, capturing every detail.

Owner Responsibilities

-          Recording: You’ll record your training sessions, vital for tracking progress.

-          Feedback: Nate will provide voiceover critiques for each recording.

-          Technical Support: Guidance will be provided for recording and submitting sessions.

Benefits of Participating

-          Free Training: Receive expert training valued between $1,000 and $5,500 at no cost.

-          Educational Impact: Help in creating a comprehensive training resource for dog owners globally.

How to Apply

Interested? Email Nate directly at Include your contact details and a brief description of your dog's issues. Adding a video of your dog’s behavior is highly beneficial. Expect an automatic confirmation email, with a personal follow-up within 24 hours on business days. Alternatively, fill out the application form below to register your interest. Provide details about your dog and any specific behavioral concerns you wish to address.


Consider this unique opportunity to actively contribute to a major educational resource. Begin documenting your dog's behaviors now; these could be essential in customizing your training plan and enriching the course content.

Thanks for submitting!
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