Nate Schoemer's Dog Training

Phone/Facetime/Zoom Training

Due to the high demand of people requesting dog training guidance through phone and zoom calls, I've added phone call training sessions as an option for those who are not in the Los Angeles area. If you need clear and easy-to-understand directions for your dog training needs, this may be the best option for you. 

PRICE: $ 3.00 Per Minute | $150 for an hour

Fill out the contact form to schedule a training session. Thank you!

Off-site or in-home Private Lessons (Covid Vaccination Certificate Required)

Dog training is not only an art, but it's also a science. I offer private lessons for anyone interested in learning how to adequately and efficiently train their dog. My private lessons are so efficient that most pet owners on average need only 1-3 private lessons to teach their dog to the level they desire. I guarantee you will love showing off your newly trained dog to all your friends.

Private training can be focused on anything from basic obedience to competition training.

PRICE: 1-Hour Lesson: $175 | Overtime: $ 3.00 Per Minute


Travel Fees 

Driving fees are based on driving time and not distance.

Zero to fifteen-minute drive: Included
Fifteen to forty-five-minute drive: additional $50. Lesson total: $225
Forty-five minutes to one hour and fifteen-minute drive: $100. Lesson total: $275
One hour and fifteen minutes to one hour and forty-five minutes: $150. Lesson total: $325

Cancelation Policy. 

No charge if the lesson is canceled 24 hours or more before the session. 

Lessons canceled within 24 hours of the session are subject to a $50 cancellation fee.