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Free Day Training Program For Your Dog

First, thanks for considering to be on my show. You’ll find below all the info you need to know.

How it works

You will pick 1 - 5 days per week to come to my house for a 5 - 15 minute training session. Most of the training will start in my backyard but will progress to the local park for loose-leash walking and off-leash training. During each session, I will be training your dog, and you'll be filming the action. This way, we both benefit; you get free professional dog training, and I get a free camera person. 

Training process. In the first 1 - 3 training sessions, I'll be working on engagement training, luring, and leash pressure. For the next five days or so, we'll be working on all the basic obedience commands: Sit, down, come, heel, climb, off, spin, and center. This will build the foundation for loose-leash walking, obedience in all surrounding areas, dealing with behavioral issues, and off-leash training (if desired). Most dogs reach off-leash status within 14 - 28 training sessions. 

How to film with the iPhone: Filming is easier than you may think, but it does take some effort. When I film, I focus on three main things. First, you must constantly focus on the framing; this means moving when the subject is moving to maintain proper framing. This is important because if you get distracted and start focusing on the training, you may shift the camera off the subject matter. Second, you have to make sure that the subject stays in focus. This is easy to do by simply tapping the person or the dog on the screen of the iPhone. The third is the height and distance of the shot. If I'm focused on just the human, the camera should be close to the eye level of the person being filmed, and the framing should be slightly above or near the belly button to the top of the head. If my focus is only on the dog, then the camera will lower to the dog's eye level, keeping the entire dog in the frame. Lastly, if we are focused on both dog and human (which will be most of the time), Then the camera height should be between the human's eyes and chest. See the examples below. 




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