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Canine Educational Expert

Nate Schoemer is a renowned dog training, canine educational expert and former United States Marine. He has achieved the highest level of certification in his field, graduating at the top of his class in both the Professional and Master Dog Trainer programs at the Tom Rose School and later being invited to serve as an instructor. Nate has used his extensive knowledge and experience to help establish and grow successful dog training businesses, and he has dedicated his career to improving the lives of dogs and their owners through education.

In 2017, Nate's exceptional work in dog training caught the attention of Animal Planet, and he was cast as the co-host of Rescue Dog to Super Dog, a popular show that aired on American television. On the show, Nate transformed rescue dogs into service dogs, helping to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. In addition to his television appearances, Nate has also created a YouTube channel to continue his mission of educating dog owners and improving the lives of all dogs.

His diverse experience spans training puppies, managing aggressive and fearful dogs, mentoring aspiring trainers, and working with service, search and rescue, and protection dogs. Nate's global impact reaches North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand, reinforcing his reputation as a leader in dog training.

Driven by self-motivation, integrity, and a passion to serve, Nate continuously advances in his field. His unwavering dedication and expertise make him a valuable asset in dog training.

Training Manual 

Training a dog often requires a systematic approach based on scientific principles. By understanding and applying these principles, you can effectively teach your dog any desired command and address most behavioral issues. The key is to master the science behind dog training, which will allow you to excel in the art of training your dog.

My training methods are backed by research and proven to be effective in helping dogs learn and grow. Whether you are looking to teach your dog basic obedience commands or address more complex behavioral issues, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the training process.



At Nate Schoemer's Academy, I strive to enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners through training. My goal is to help dogs understand their expectations and roles within their families and communities, leading to a better understanding of human thoughts and feelings.

Well-trained dogs are obedient and able to navigate the world in ways that untrained dogs cannot. They are loyal and eager to please, and with the right training, they can learn to respond to their owners' commands and signals. Training a dog requires a combination of conditioning, pattern recognition, and positive habit formation, and the results can be dramatic.

By investing in training for your canine companion, you can experience the benefits of owning a well-behaved and obedient dog. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs and how we can help you and your dog build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.


Dog training is an art form and it takes years to become an expert. However, through the essentials I’ve provided in this website, anybody can take their dog ownership to the next level right-away. Although you won’t master this field overnight, you can quickly develop at least the essential skills needed to fix the majority of issues that dog owners face. In addition, you’ll discover a greater relationship with your dog, as you now have the tools to address the bad behaviors that may have frustrated you or pushed you further away from your companion. I believe that improving the lives of dogs, along with their owners, is the most important thing. We’ll talk soon!


I offer personalized private lessons designed to meet your specific needs and ensure your dog's success. Whether you prefer in-person or virtual sessions, I am here to accommodate your preferences and schedule.


For in-person lessons, the rate is $350 for a single lesson or $1,000 for a package of five lessons. Virtual lessons are available at $300 for a single lesson or $1,000 for a package of five lessons. Payment is due after the first lesson. If you decide to continue with the package deal after the initial session, you can upgrade to the package for $1,000, covering the remaining four lessons.


My services include customized training plans tailored to your dog's specific needs, assistance with specific behavioral issues, and general obedience training. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We can work on what you are specifically struggling with or develop a custom training plan together.


To schedule a session, please use the calendar to the left. I am dedicated to helping you and your dog achieve success. Contact me today to start your journey to a well-trained dog!


Are you tired of trying to fix your dog's behavioral issues with temporary fixes that only address the symptoms? It's time to take a different approach. My philosophy is centered on identifying and correcting the root causes of your dog's problems, providing them with a solid foundation for success.

Through my proven methods of teaching the right communication channels and reducing stress through pressure management, your dog can reach their full potential and excel at navigating the world around them. Say goodbye to frustrating behaviors and hello to a harmonious, fulfilling relationship with your dog.

And the best part? You don't have to be a professional to train like one. Check out my YouTube channel for easy-to-follow training tips and techniques. Don't wait any longer to take control of your dog's training and transform their behavior for the better.

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