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Nate Schoemer is an American dog training and canine educational expert and former United States Marine. He was certified as a Professional and Master Dog Trainer through the Tom Rose School, where he graduated at the top of his class in both the Professional and Master Dog Trainer programs. 


Nate began using his extensive experience to help many canine professionals establish their own similar companies. Shortly after his return to LA, Nate was cast by Animal Planet as the co-host of Rescue Dog to Super Dog; a UK show that was formatted for American audiences. In the show, Nate transformed rescue dogs into service dogs to help the lives of people affected by disabilities. 


He prides himself on his self-motivation, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, and determination to serve his clients and his community in all of his endeavors. He currently works on his entrepreneurial activities and lives with his Malinois, Arih, and Labrador, Charlie.

Training Manual 



There is a proven scientific process to teach your dog any desired command. If you can understand and apply the science, you can master the art!


Nate Schoemer provides an academy for dogs and their owners. The purpose of dog training is to enhance human/canine relationships and to help a dog to understand its expectations. Through training your canine, discover the dramatic difference of owning a well-trained, obedient dog. A trained dog listens and knows how to navigate our world in ways that other dogs don't. 


Dogs, especially, are animals that are loyal to their owners; with a desire to please. As they are not capable of cognitive reasoning as is practiced by us bi-pedal mammals, we must instead use systems of conditioning, pattern-recognition, and positive habit forming to create our desired results. The result is a dog better capable of comprehending our thoughts and feelings.


Dog training is an art form and it takes years to become an expert. However, through the essentials I’ve provided in this website, anybody can take their dog ownership to the next level right-away. Although you won’t master this field overnight, you can quickly develop at least the essential skills needed to fix the majority of issues that dog owners face. In addition, you’ll discover a greater relationship with your dog, as you now have the tools to address the bad behaviors that may have frustrated you or pushed you further away from your companion. I believe that improving the lives of dogs, along with their owners, is the most important thing. We’ll talk soon!


Instead of trying to address a dog’s problems just by fixing the symptoms (as many others do), my philosophy is focused instead on finding and correcting the root causes of a dog’s behavioral problems. This involves providing the dog a clear path to success from the ground up. 


I believe in teaching the right communication channels, and the concept of turning off pressure—which reduces the dog’s stress-levels during the training and enhances the dog’s learning capabilities. This methodology ensures that a dog obtains superior skills in navigating our world; which also makes a dog’s bad behaviors become a thing of the past.



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