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Home Visit Training Program

Unleash Your Dog's Full Potential

Imagine a world where your dog is the epitome of obedience—reliable, well-behaved, and free of any behavioral issues. Picture the joy of strolling through the park with your four-legged companion, every passerby marveling at the exceptional discipline and grace. This is not a distant dream but an attainable reality with our comprehensive dog training programs.


Many perceive dog training as a complex process—something that requires extraordinary patience and expertise. The truth? Training your dog isn't daunting once you understand the techniques and the science. The good news is that I've simplified that process for you. Drawing upon my wealth of experience and rigorous hands-on training, I've crafted a program that distills the vast world of dog training into digestible, easy-to-follow lessons.


This is your golden opportunity to transform your canine companion into the dream dog you've always desired. What sets our programs apart is our commitment to mission accomplishment. This means our focus is on results, not on the clock. Your investment secures a fully trained dog, and that's precisely what we deliver.


Welcome to our Home Visit Training program, a comprehensive service designed to cater to those who prefer their dogs to be trained in the familiar environment of their home. This program involves daily visits from Monday to Friday each week, where I will engage your dog in intensive training sessions. These sessions will incorporate obedience commands and behavioral expectations.

Every day, once the training session concludes and time permits, I'll dedicate some time to demonstrate the skills your dog has been working on. This is a critical element of the process because your reinforcement of the rules and expectations at home significantly contributes to the training's success. To prevent overwhelming you with information and to foster effective learning, we'll concentrate on developing proficiency on one new skill at a time.

By adopting this approach, the learning process will be thorough and sustainable. My role is to train your dog in all the necessary communication channels, obedience commands, rules, and expectations, as well as building confidence and teaching proper play. Part of this training will also involve ensuring your dog can behave obediently in various environments within your home and locality.

In addition to obedience training, I will work on any behavioral issues your dog may have. As a part of this, I will teach you the skills necessary to continue this training at home, ensuring a successful continuation of the lessons learned during our sessions.

Remember, even the most obedient dog in the world will revert to old habits if the rules aren't reinforced at home. Therefore, your commitment to practicing and applying these lessons at home is key to the training's success.

During our Home Visit Training program, feel free to reach out if you encounter any issues or have any concerns. You can also send me brief training videos so we can review and discuss your progress. Remember, the aim is not just to train your dog, but also to empower you to maintain and continue this training at home.

The ultimate goal of the Home Visit Training program is to foster a strong, understanding relationship between you and your dog, based on mutual respect and effective communication. Remember, becoming proficient in these tasks will facilitate your dog's learning process and pave the way for successful future lessons. Your commitment to this process is what will ensure its success. Welcome aboard, and I look forward to working with both you and your furry friend.


Course Orientation: A one-hour lesson to familiarize you with the course structure and expectations. Each lesson, beyond the initial orientation, lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, perfectly designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Your Dogs Training Progression Levels:

Phase One: Building Communication

  • Level 1: Foundations of Engagement Training and Classical Conditioning

  • Level 2: Proficiency in Luring

  • Level 3: Proficiency in Leash Pressure

Phase Two: Introducing Verbal Commands

  • Level 4: Teaching all Verbal Commands

  • Level 5: Teaching the “Stay” Command

Phase Three: Mastery and Distraction Training

  • Level 6: Introducing Appropriate Corrections

  • Level 7: Training with Distractions

  • Level 8: Navigating New Environments

  • Level 9: Off-Leash Training

  • Level 10: Review, Reinforcement, and Graduation

As your dog evolves through each stage, you'll receive consistent updates on their progress and achievements.

At-home Training Assignments:

In tandem with your dog's training, you'll be learning essential skills to ensure a smooth transition of the training from me to you. Here's what to expect:

  • Skill One: Engagement Training

    • Add-On: Proactive Training and Rewarding Desired Behaviors

  • Skill Two: Luring Technique

  • Skill Three: Leash Pressure Training

  • Skill Four: Introducing Commands

  • Skill Five: Implementing Fair Corrections

  • Three-Stage Reward Process

Dog Commands:

As part of the program, your dog will be trained in the following commands:

  • "Come when called"

  • "Sit"

  • "Down"

  • "Go to Bed"

  • "Off"

  • "Spin"

  • "Center"

  • "Loose Leash Walking"

  • "Leave it"

  • "Wait"

  • "Drop it"

  • "Quiet"

  • "Stay"

By participating in this course, you're not only investing in a more obedient and disciplined dog, but also arming yourself with the knowledge and skills to maintain and enhance this training at home. The path to a well-trained canine companion starts with our Day Training Program! Let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Training Approach and Structure

At the start, let's acknowledge that your dog is always learning. For this reason, the initial training sessions are structured to smoothly transition into your day-to-day interactions with your dog. We'll establish clear communication, provide feedback on right and wrong behaviors, and set a clear route to success.

To understand the training process better, we break it down into phases and levels within each phase. Every level plays a vital role in helping your dog understand and follow commands, become aware of their role in the family, and avoid any bad behaviors. This organized approach will help you see the path clearly throughout the training journey.

Phase One: Building Communication

The main goal of this phase is to create communication channels with your dog and enhance your bond through fun and engaging activities. This sets the stage for reinforcing rules and desired behaviors, stops any ongoing and future behavior problems, and lays a foundation for the rest of the training.

The focus in this phase is on three key communication channels: markers, luring, and leash pressure training. By training your dog to respond to markers, teaching them to follow a lure, and making them responsive to leash guidance, you can communicate what you want from your dog in almost any situation.

Establishing this foundation is the first step in training any dog. It's important to remember that training sessions should end while your dog is still enjoying it, before they start to lose interest. This fosters a positive association with training, making your dog look forward to future sessions.

Phase one starts right away and ends when your dog is conditioned to markers, can follow a lure into each command position, and responds to leash guidance in all desired situations.

Phase Two: Introducing Verbal Commands

In this phase, I'll start teaching your dog specific commands like "sit", "down", "come", "heel", "place", and others. This phase is considered complete when your dog can respond to all verbal commands without the need for a physical cue, achieved in a neutral environment.

Phase Three: Mastery and Distraction Training

The final stage is about reliability. Now that your dog understands all the commands, we'll test these skills by introducing new environments and distractions. If you're hoping for that off-leash status, where you can trust your dog to respond in any situation, this stage is crucial.

My Guarantee

I stand by the effectiveness of my Home Visit Training Program, so much so that I offer a guarantee. If you commit to reinforcing your dog's training, follow the steps I outline, and develop proficiency in the five key skills I teach you, you'll have a well-behaved, obedient dog.

Unique to my program is its dual focus. I'm not just training your dog; I'm also educating you. I concentrate on teaching you the most crucial aspects of dog training - the 'vital few' as per the 80/20 rule. I will guide you through five critical skills in a simple, step-by-step process. By learning these, you'll be able to maintain and even enhance your dog's training. If you complete these steps but don't end up with a trained dog, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

I've seen the power of these methods firsthand as the host of "Rescue Dog to Super Dog" on Animal Planet. From unruly rescue dogs to disciplined companions, I've seen the transformation many times over. This isn't just a promise, it's proven by many professional dog trainers who use these techniques.

My Home Visit Training Program is the result of years of professional dog training experience. I've trained every type of dog from aggressive to fearful, puppies to service dogs. I've mentored aspiring dog trainers and worked with various dog training businesses. All this experience has shaped the service I now offer.

This program is based on a deep understanding of dog training, gained from hands-on experience and learning what truly works across different dog breeds and behaviors.

 My program offers comprehensive dog training. I use a wide variety of training styles and methods, all backed by practical experience and science. I aim for your dog to obey commands in a variety of situations, while addressing behavioral issues and building a strong bond between you and your dog.

The Home Visit Training Program is a complete package. Your dog gets intensive training with daily visits from Monday to Friday each week until they're fully trained, all in the familiar environment of your home. You also receive straightforward, effective training. You'll enjoy the benefits of a well-trained dog and gain the confidence and skills to handle and even train other dogs. Let's start this transformative journey of dog training together.

Off-Leash Trained ✔️

All Behavioral Issues Solved ✔️

Reliable Obedience ✔️

Improved Socialization Skills ✔️

Effective Communication with Your Dog ✔️

Ability to Take Your Dog Anywhere ✔️

Tailored Training to Suit Your Dog's Personality ✔️

Skill to Train Other Dogs ✔️

Strengthened Bond Between You and Your Dog ✔️

Healthy Exercise and Activity Routines Established ✔️

Increased Understanding of Your Dog's Needs ✔️

Happier and Healthier Dog ✔️

Peace of Mind for You as a Dog Owner ✔️

Respectful Dog with Good Manners ✔️

Easily Followed Routine for Your Dog ✔️

Proficiency in Dog Handling and Care ✔️

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