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Golden Retriever:In-Person Dog Training Program

In-Person Dog Training Program

Unleash Your Dog's Full Potential

Imagine a world where your dog is the epitome of obedience—reliable, well-behaved, and free of any behavioral issues. Picture the joy of strolling through the park with your four-legged companion, every passerby marveling at the exceptional discipline and grace. This is not a distant dream but an attainable reality with our comprehensive dog training programs.


Many perceive dog training as a complex process—something that requires extraordinary patience and expertise. The truth? Training your dog isn't daunting once you understand the techniques and the science. The good news is that I've simplified that process for you. Drawing upon my wealth of experience and rigorous hands-on training, I've crafted a program that distills the vast world of dog training into digestible, easy-to-follow lessons.

Worried about time constraints? No problem! Our program demands very little of your time, with an average commitment of just 20 minutes per day. The best part is, it doesn't require much effort on your part because I've already done all the hard work for you.


Welcome to our comprehensive In-Person Dog Training Program, where each lesson is designed to focus on a distinct skillset. This approach ensures that you fully grasp and master one skill at a time, preventing an overload of information. 

My role is to guide you through learning and understanding each new skill and ensuring that you can demonstrate it effectively. Once a skill is understood during our lesson, your task is to practice this at home until it becomes second nature.


After becoming proficient at a skill, you'll schedule the next lesson. To enhance the learning process, each lesson also features one video review. You'll send a video (maximum 5 minutes long) showcasing your practice, which I'll review and send back with a voiceover, providing detailed feedback on areas needing improvement.

Please note, progression to subsequent stages relies on your proficiency at the current stage. That being said, should a pressing behavioral issue emerge, we will address it promptly, allowing you to focus fully on obedience training.


An important fact to remember is that an obedience-trained dog often bypasses many behavioral issues. The skills learned during training transcend into their everyday life, leading to a well-mannered dog both during and outside training sessions.


The ultimate goal is to cultivate a strong, understanding relationship between you and your dog, built on mutual respect and effective communication. Training extends beyond teaching commands; it's about helping you understand and interact better with your dog.


Let's take a look at our course syllabus:

Course Orientation: A one-hour lesson to familiarize you with the course structure and expectations. Each lesson, beyond the initial orientation, lasts from 15 to 25 minutes, perfectly designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Phase One: Building Communication

Lesson 1: Building the Reward System and Introducing Toy Rewards.

Lesson 2: Foundations of Engagement Training and Classical Conditioning.

Lesson 3: Luring Technique.

Proactive Training and Rewarding Desired Behaviors

Teachable Moments: Practical application of learned skills.

Lesson 4: Leash Pressure Training.

Lesson 5: Teaching the "Leave It" Command.

Lesson 6: Food Handling and Reward Delivery Exercises.

Lesson 7: Advanced Lure-Based Movement Exercises

Lesson 8: Backwards Follow to the Sit, Down, and Stand & Walking Backwards.

Lesson 9: Power Steering Development and Walking Backwards to a Target.

Lesson 10: Advanced Positioning Drills.

Lesson 11: Center Position Control and Movement.

Lesson 12: Heel Position Control and Movement.

Lesson 13: Advanced Leash Pressure Training.

Phase Two: Introducing Verbal Commands & Spacing Out Rewards

Lesson 14: The Climb Command and Climb Stay.

Lesson 15: Teaching the "Come When Called" Command.

Lesson 16: Teaching the "Sit", "Down" and "Stand" Commands.

Lesson 17: Teaching the "Spin", "Center", and "Heel" Commands.

Lesson 18: Teaching the 'Sit and Down Stay' Commands.

Lesson 19: The "Heel" Command for Loose Leash Walking.

Lesson 20: Teaching the "Wait", "Drop it", and "Quiet" Commands.

Lesson 21: Executing Commands from a Distance.

Lesson 22: Comprehensive Skill Integration.

Phase Three: Mastery and Distraction Training

Lesson 23: Acquiring Skills for Fair Correction Techniques with a Leash and Training Collar.

Lesson 24: Off-Leash Obedience with the Remote Training Collar.

Lesson 25: Introducing Distractions.

Lesson 26: Navigating New Environments.

Lesson 27: Troubleshooting and Off-Leash Training with Remote Collar.

Lesson 28: Review, Reinforcement, and Graduation.

Training Approach and Structure

To begin, it's essential to understand that your dog is constantly learning. Therefore, it's crucial to structure your first few training sessions in a way that allows for a smooth and quick transition to your everyday interactions with your dog. This involves establishing clear communication, providing timely feedback for correct and incorrect behaviors, and setting a clear path to success.

We will focus on developing three key communication channels: markers, luring, and leash pressure training. By classically conditioning your dog to respond to markers, teaching them how to follow a lure, and training them to respond to leash guidance, you'll be able to effectively communicate your desired behaviors in most situations.


Establishing this foundation is the first step I take when training any dog. A crucial point to remember is that each training session should end while your dog is still enjoying it, before they reach the point of boredom. This approach fosters a positive association with training and cultivates a desire in your dog to engage and eagerly participate in future sessions.


To ensure effective execution of the training process, let's break it down into phases and steps within each phase. Each of these stages is crucial in helping your dog understand and follow commands, know their place in your family, and prevent the development of bad behaviors. This structured approach will provide clarity and guidance throughout your training journey: 

Phase One: Building Communication

In this stage, our primary goal is to establish communication channels with your dog and enhance the bond you share through meaningful play and engagement. This allows you to reinforce rules and desired behaviors. It's also key in stopping current and future behavior problems and lays the groundwork for all further training.

Phase Two: Introducing Verbal Commands

Here, you start teaching your dog specific commands like "sit", "down", "come", "heel", "place", and others. We consider this phase complete when your dog can respond to all verbal commands without the need for a physical cue, and this should be achievable in a neutral environment. 

Phase Three: Mastery and Distraction Training

This is the final stage where you work on reliability. By now, your dog understands all the commands. It's time to put those skills to the test by introducing new environments and distractions. If you've been dreaming of that coveted off-leash status where you can trust your dog to respond in any situation, this stage is key.

Note: Our training program is built on the principle of developing competence in each skill before progressing to the next. However, if you can demonstrate proficiency in a specific lesson, we can certainly advance to the subsequent one. To facilitate this, we will require you to meet the predetermined requirements for each lesson before moving forward. Our goal is to ensure you and your dog are truly proficient at each step of the training process.

My Guarantee

I am confident in the value and effectiveness of this program, so much so that I offer a guarantee: If you stay committed to this program and diligently follow every step, you will not only find yourself the proud companion of a well-trained dog, but you will also acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to train the majority of dogs you'll encounter. I guarantee that you will have a trained dog or you get 100% of your money back.

As the host of the Animal Planet show "Rescue Dog to Super Dog", I have seen the transformational power of these techniques. It might seem like a tall order, but it's a fact. Numerous professional dog trainers, who are currently making a living from their craft, have honed their skills using these very techniques. You're about to immerse yourself in the same system—simplified and distilled for your convenience, to ensure it's easily understood and implemented.

This program was born out of countless hours dedicated to professional and master dog training programs. It's the culmination of my journey, a journey filled with obedience and behavioral training for a multitude of dogs, dealing with aggressive dogs, fearful dogs, and dogs with resource guarding issues. It's the fruit of the experience I gained from training an array of puppies, teaching aspiring dog trainers, and working alongside dog training businesses. From service dogs to search and rescue dogs, to protection dogs— I've had a hand in training them all.

The development of this program required the mastery and distillation of an enormous amount of knowledge. I had to sift through, understand, and apply 100% of what I learned through hands-on training and experience, all to discover the most effective 20%. With countless systems and training styles out there, it's challenging to discern what truly works. The most reliable method? Experiencing all and choosing the techniques that consistently yield the best results for different dogs. This program was created out of such diverse and rigorous experience.

The magic of this program lies in the 80/20 principle. We concentrate on the 'vital few'—the fundamental principles of dog training, combined with a keen focus on your specific dog's needs. These represent the crucial 20% but deliver a massive 80% of the skill proficiency. This approach will enable you to train not just your own dog but about 80% of all dogs.


So, why not embark on this journey with us? Harness the essential knowledge and skills this program offers, and unlock an incredible pathway to a harmonious relationship with not only your dog but also most dogs you come across. Let's start training!

Off-Leash Trained ✔️

All Behavioral Issues Solved ✔️

Reliable Obedience ✔️

Improved Socialization Skills ✔️

Effective Communication with Your Dog ✔️

Ability to Take Your Dog Anywhere ✔️

Tailored Training to Suit Your Dog's Personality ✔️

Skill to Train Other Dogs ✔️

Strengthened Bond Between You and Your Dog ✔️

Healthy Exercise and Activity Routines Established ✔️

Increased Understanding of Your Dog's Needs ✔️

Happier and Healthier Dog ✔️

Peace of Mind for You as a Dog Owner ✔️

Respectful Dog with Good Manners ✔️

Easily Followed Routine for Your Dog ✔️

Proficiency in Dog Handling and Care ✔️

Golden Puppy :In-Person Dog Training Program
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